What is Bloke Coaching?

The problem

Men of quality should not fear equality.

And yet, gender equality remains a challenge for many organisations, despite countless Women in Leadership programs, diversity and inclusion programs and Unconscious Bias training.

Who’s it for?

Bloke Coaching is exclusively for men within organisations (cis and transgender).

It’s best suited to self-professed equality advocates who are (perhaps) only passive supporters. They may be ‘Champions of Change’ or granted another special status.

What will you learn?

Over four months, the program’s facilitated workshops and 1on1 coaching takes participants on a journey of exploration. Together, we’ll confront the reality of male privilege in the workplace and discover how it benefits male careers, consciously or unconsciously.

What about the women?

Women within organisations play an essential role in the program without being participants. They’ll have opportunities to serve as Champions of Change or mentors, with these roles being customised based on your organisational needs. 

Discover the power of a deeply transformative, personalised executive coaching program.

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