Episode Notes

In this episode we chat with the founder of Accidental Counsellor, Cutty Felton, about mental health, suicide prevention and how to give support to those around us. 

We discuss how certain pressures associated with gender can impact our mental health, how trendy ‘resilience’ training may not actually be the best approach, as well as some straightforward and effective tips for helping other people through difficult times and personal crises.


Golnar Adl


Cutty Felton, CEO and the founder of Accidental Counsellor.

Cutty delivers keynote addresses, consults with mentors, and trains people who are engaged with colleagues and clients in distress or in vulnerable situations, and she’s also developed and produced her own highly acclaimed version of the Accidental Counsellor.

Including a distinct approach to crisis communication in the corporate space. As well as a unique framework for difficult conversations by profession, Cutty, is actually a solicitor and practised for approximately 10 years.

Over that time, however, she felt the need to contribute more directly to the community, and in 2013 she joined Lifeline, initially as a trained volunteer telephone crisis supporter on life lines 131114 suicide prevention and crisis intervention service.

Subsequently, she headed up the corporate and community training for Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury for four years.

 If you  would like to learn more about Cutty please visit her website: