Episode Notes

In this episode, we chat with Dominque Powrie, Managing Director of DDI, about gender equality and leadership.

We chat about what makes for great leaders, and how we should be identifying talent, whilst exploring why the best leaders may not necessarily be the ones who end up in leadership roles.

We discuss why we still have a way to go to ensure equality in representation of all genders at senior leadership, and how the inherent biases still permeate our processes.

Finally, we share practical ways that executives can be allies, mentors, and sponsors, and the significant impact that we can all have to ensure fairer outcomes.

Dr Linda Peach


Dominique Powrie, Managing Director of Development Dimensions International (DDI).

She started her career at DDI as a leadership development consultant, working as an executive coach as well as a facilitator before moving into business development where she managed key client accounts which included top 100 ASX listed companies.

Dominique is passionate about empowering leaders in the face of complexity they experience every day and she also heads up the women in leadership practice at DDI Australia, where she collaborates with organisations and industry associations to design and deliver keynote speeches, conference presentations and workshops, with the aim of uplifting and supporting the success of female leaders and their sponsors.

You can connect with Dominique via LinkedIn