Episode Notes

In our inaugural episode, we begin our journey in understanding male privilege by chatting with diversity and research consultant, Dr Linda Peach. 

We explore the essence of male privilege and appreciate how this privilege can be further compounded by being white, rich, able-bodied and heterosexual.

We compare buying cars, buying drinks, and buying twitter, before honing in on what organisations and men need to be doing better in order to address the issue of gender inequality.

Spoiler alert: the answer is not more unconscious bias training.


Dr Linda Peach


Dr Linda Peach is a diversity and research consultant and gender equality subject matter expert.

She was awarded her PhD in psychology from the University of Queensland in 2012 and her thesis explored how young Australians intended to approach their future work, and family roles in the context of ongoing gender inequality. 

She’s worked in research and diversity roles in universities and the federal government and now works with government, corporates and universities as an independent consultant. 

She has an in-depth knowledge of the reporting frameworks for both the Workplace Gender Equality Agency and the Victorian Gender Equality Commission, as well as the SAGE pathway to Athena Swan self assessment and application process.

Her work covers a full range of diversity, equity and inclusion services from initial knowledge gathering through to strategy policy, development and action planning and ongoing evaluation.

Linda Peach Diversity & Research Consulting
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