Episode Notes

In this episode we chat with Golnar Adl, Performance and Reward Manager about key gender equality measures, and pay and performance outcomes.

Golnar helps us to understand the gender pay gap and the historical reasons for this inequality.

We discuss the flaws within performance and remuneration reviews that contribute to greater gender inequality. And what leaders and organisations could be doing to firstly not make the problem worse, and then secondly provide greater transparency and accountability. 


Golnar Adl


Golnar Adl is the performance and reward manager at Building Capacity. 

Golnar has worked in performance in reward for almost two decades and she is particularly passionate about addressing biases within remuneration.

Through her work as a contractor, she’s worked very extensively with organisations across Asia PAC, North America, Middle East, and Europe advising them on performance and reward strategies, as well as operationalising their HR plan, and looking at employee experience.

She also brings a wealth of experience across industries, including tertiary education, finance, technology, media, and legal.

If you’d like to learn more you can connect with Golnar via her LinkedIn profile or email her at Building Capacity